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Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur

Marvel’s newest genius is a young black girl who is a brave as she is brilliant. A perfect (and necessary) addition to any family library.

Buy here:


Welcome to Color For Kids! We’re on a mission to celebrate, motivate and inspire children of color. In 2015 we were both blessed with the birth of our nieces! When attempting to find gifts that would affirm their identify and build their self confidence, we found ourselves spending hours online searching a multitude of websites trying to find toys, books, clothing items, and entertainment that represented children of color. This blog brings an end to the ENDLESS searching. Color for Kids is one place to find ALL the best products for children of color. It is also a blog that is a safe for children to browse on their own. In doing so they will see themselves represented in a variety of products and hopefully have a deeper appreciation of the skin that they are in! Enjoy

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